1 CLZ-0.25 Clonazepam 0.25mg tab. 10X3X10 BLISTER
2 CLZ-0.5 Clonazepam 0.5mg tab. 10X3X10 BLISTER
3 CLZ-1 Clonazepam 1mg tab. 10X3X10 BLISTER
4 CLZ-2 Clonazepam 2mg tab. 10X3X10 BLISTER
5 CTL 500 Citicoline Chewble tab 500 mg 10×10 BLISTER
6 EPILUS 500 Levetiracetam tab USP 500mg 10×10 BLISTER
7 EPILUS 1000 Levetiracetam tab USP 1000mg 10×10 BLISTER
8 LAMOPRIME-50 Lamotrizine 50mg SR tab.
9 LORAPRIM-1 Lorazepam 1mg tab. 10X3X10 BLISTER
10 LORAPRIM-2 Lorazepam 2mg tab. 10X3X10 BLISTER
11 METCALM-15 Mirtrazaraprim 15mg tab. 10X3X10 BLISTER
12 METCALM-7.5 Mirtrazaraprim 7.5mg tab. 10X3X10 BLISTER
13 NEURORAB-DSR Rabeprazole 20mg+Domperidone 30mg capsule 10X10 ALU ALU
14 NEURORICH PLUS Piracetam 400mg+Citicoline 500mg tab. 10X10 ALU ALU
15 NEURORICH-800 Piracetam 800mg tab. 10X1X10 ALU ALU
16 OLA 5 Olanzapine 5mg tab. 10X3X10 ALU ALU
17 OLA10 Olanzapine 10mg tab. 10X3X10 ALU ALU
18 OXTUS-10 Paroxetine 10 mg tab. 10X3X10 BLISTER
19 OXTUS-20 Paroxetine 20mg tab. 10X3X10 BLISTER
20 OXYPRIME-150 Oxcarbazapine 150SR tab. 10X10 BLISTER
21 OXYPRIME-300 Oxcarbazapine 300SR tab. 10X10 BLISTER
22 PEACE PRIME-5 Escitalopram 5mg tab 10X3X10 BLISTER
23 PEACE PRIME-10 Escitalopram 10 mg tab. 10X3X10 BLISTER
24 PEACE PRIM PLUS 5 Escitalopram 5mg+ Clonazepam 0.5mg tab. 10X3X10 BLISTER
25 PEACE PRIME PLUS 10 Eszitalopram 10mg+Clonazepam 0.5mg tab. 10X3X10 BLISTER
26 SERTAPRIME-50 Sertraline 50mg tab. 10X3X10 BLISTER
27 SERTAPRIME 100 Sertraline 100mg tab. 10X10 BLISTER
28 WELCALM-500 Divalproex 500 mg tab. 10X10 STRIP
29 WELCALM-750 Divalproex 750mg tab. 10X10 ALU ALU
30 GABAPRIM-300 Gabapentin 300mg tab. 10×10 BLISTER
31 OXTUS-PLUS 12.5 Paroxetine 12.5mg + Clonazepam 0.5mg. Tabs 10×10 STRIP
32 OXTUS-PLUS 25 Paroxetine 25mg + Clonazepam 0.5mg. Tabs 10×10 STRIP

Neuropsychiatry Medicines / Neurotropics Products Pharma Franchise Company

Pharma Franchise for Neuropsychiatry Medicines – Having our head office in Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh, Primus Pharmaceuticals is distributing its pharmaceutical product across India. Being a professional and experienced pharmaceutical company in India, we always focus on delivering high-quality neurotropic products and services to our clients. Our specialty in manufacturing is in the field of antibiotics, anti-allergic, neurology medicines, cardiac medication, neuro medicines, and diabetics medicines. We are producing more than 200 pharma products. We offer dealership and pharma franchise for neuropsychiatry medicines to wholesaler and suppliers for serving the humanity. Our various products have proper recognition in the market and highly recommended by the doctors of reputed hospitals and medical health centers.

We always offer quality packaging of our neuro medicines in the laminated and waterproof sealed packets to make sure flawless and safe delivery of medicines and other products. We still follow moral business principles that assure us to prompt and on-time delivery of products at reasonable rates. We have a vast pharma franchise network of medicines throughout India, so we can cater needs of the huge amount of clients efficiently.

Due to our ability of manufacturing, exporting, and supplying of high-quality neuro medicines in the form of tablets and capsules we become preferred choice of so many dealers to get pharma franchise for neuropsychiatry medicines all over the Indian market. We are also proudly known for manufacturing oral liquids, dry syrups, injections, immunity boosting powders, and effervescent. We always make use of pure ingredients in the product manufacturing process and source them from the authentic and reliable vendors who have rich experience in this field.

We have installed new and latest machinery for medicine manufacturing as per the industrial standards. With extensive experience in this industry, we become capable of providing a broad range of pharmaceutical neurotropic products in bulk. We also have an expert team of quality controllers, and they are responsible for monitoring ongoing manufacturing at every level from the sourcing of products to the delivery of products to customers.

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