Primus Pharmaceuticals we are a science led Pharmaceutical company that researches, develops, manufacture and market broad range of Pharmaceutical. Formulation products & Pharmaceutical pellets.

At Primus Pharmaceuticals, the product development is the most important process; innovation in the field of medicine is a regular process.
Primus objective is to provide human kind with better medicines and quality drugs, so that we have a better quality of life.
Primus Pharmaceuticals has its manufacturing facilities at Kala Amb, Himachal Pradesh.


Our vision is to earn a global name in the Industry.

  • Primus Pharmaceuticals Focuses to establish itself as a global repute corporate company.
  • Primus Pharmaceuticals is engaged in Pharmaceutical pellets (controlled release/ enteric coated/ immediate release pellets).
  • Primus Pharmaceuticals is engaged in research and development by developing new dosage forms.

Our Products

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